We are delighted that you chose to visit us!


What an exciting time to be in the Kingdom of God! 

I am elated to be able to share with you through the Word of God and my life experiences. What an amazing

journey you have to look forward to on your path to fulfilling your destiny.


On this site I will be sharing with you practical principles for achieving daily spiritual success in a

predominantly immoral society. Let's be honest, it's really challenging to do the right things when so many

wrong things present themselves and so easily go on around us everyday. I am a strong believer that God will

give you the ability to navigate and excel through life's challenges and come out on the right side of victory!


Here you will be able to follow us as we follow Christ in pursuit with great passion, the purpose that God

has given us, to engraft souls into His Kingdom. You will see our intenerate schedules of the places

we will be, as well as blogs that invite you into my thought processes along this journey, photos of

the encounters we experience, testimonies of friends, family and loved ones, and a way to obtain

access to all ministry products that will keep you connected as we grow together.      


As you visit this site, I pray that you will be enlightened, empowered and inspired to

pursue every dream, desire and goal that God has divinely placed inside of you. I pray that you will

live life with a realistic and holistic approach that allows you to stay balanced and keep it real while

enjoying being Holy. 



I look forward to a productive relationship with you as together, we prepare for greatness and

ultimately the rapture! As I always say, "get ready for an outpour"!





Welcome to the Official Home of Fondrea Lewis Ministries! 

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