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Before the height of the pandemic, while I was in prayer, the Lord impressed upon my heart to mix holy oil according to the scriptures. The next morning, I gathered the ingredients and called the intercessors of my church to produce an atmosphere that evoked the presence of God, and we began to pray and intercede while I mixed the ingredients. Initially, I distributed the oil amongst the members of my local church. During the next week, I began to receive testimonies about sicknesses being healed, pain decreasing, and peace in homes where there was chaos. After thanking God in prayer, he instructed me to make it available to anyone who wanted access to these same blessings and more. It has been mixed with the purest intent to indicate the presence of God. I take pleasure in knowing that when you use this oil, you will experience the commanded blessings of the Lord! Biblically, the Holy Spirit is often referred to as fire and the oil is connected to the Holy Spirit. Embers represents a small spark of fire that can easily be spread abroad and grow tremendously in size. Huge fires start with embers. Use this oil to Anoint Your Home, Anoint Your Body, Anoint Your Family and friends. And just as God blessed the children of Isreal for their obedience, He Will Bless you! You can expect Healing, Breakthroughs, Miracles, and Increases with every use!

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