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Fondrea L. Lewis


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    Born into a rich lineage of brilliant, powerful, and anointed women who served in all forms of ministry, Dr. Fondrea Lewis proudly stands on the shoulders of the women who paved a trail for her.             As a result, Dr. Lewis believes that her primary and most effective form of ministry is at home.                     Beginning with her personal wellness, keeping in mind the Proverbs 31 woman then, with                          the ministry of motherhood with her daughter  Kayla Evans. Working to consistently fortify                         the bridges that helped her traverse through her journey, Dr. Lewis is proud product                                of Newark, NJ, affectionately known as the Brick City. Over the years she’s                                            evolved from simply being a Brick City citizen to being a cornerstone of the                                          community with over 15 years of dedicated service through her community                                       development corporation,  The Jewel Foundation, Newark’s Clergy Council                                  Affairs, New Jersey’s Inter-Faith  Alliance, and chaplaincy at Newark Beth Israel                              Hospital, Susan G. Komen   Foundation. After over 20 years of evangelistic service,                       Dr. Fondrea Lewis.  wholeheartedly submitted to the call of pastoral leadership. She                           planted roots in Newark, New Jersey by establishing The Greater Glory Church in 2014.                  The chief aim of this new chapter in her life is to build a people worthy and capable of carrying God’s Glory. In every aspect of her life, Dr. Fondrea Lewis seeks to give God a positive return on all He has invested in her. From musical artistry to ministry,  to entrepreneurship, to education Dr. Lewis gives her all through Christ so that God gets the Glory out of all of her endeavors. 

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